Year in Review: 2016

Jojo’s season of the Bachelorette was hilarious, heartbreaking and compelling, except for all the violence. My husband’s take on Bachelor in Paradise was much more lighthearted. Oh, and I got married this year. My friend Bridget also got married and also wrote this wonderful piece about her bestie. Speaking of friendship, Rebecca Traister is at it again. In 2016, the Democratic Party ruined this lady’s friendship. I loved the Ghostbusters reboot even more after reading this. And this. I learned about the Teens of Tumblr. In the middle of a very stressful work search, I was reminded you can’t always do what you love.

I laughed incredibly hard at Chic Fall Basics and The Best Time I Pretended I Hadn’t Heard of Slavoj Žižek. Oh, and this one from the New Yorker: Academic-Job Listings for My Exes. Laura Grover, too.

Jo Ann Beard, Leigh Stein, J.K. Rowling, Lucy Knisley and Aziz Ansari topped my non-existent Goodreads ratings.

Insecure and Love hit a little too close to home in the best ways possible. Last Man on Earth walks the incredibly fine line of tragedy and comedy and I can’t get enough. The Good Place is a close second. Winter is *still* coming and R+L=J. Chrys reviews Westworld. How did the writers of Veep know they were predicting the election? At least we had John Oliver to walk us through. Joey and I went to tapings of Chelsea, Conan and Drew, I mean, The Price is Right. We, unfortunately, were not asked to Come on Down!

Kermit doing Talking Heads. Fritz still can’t catch. Cats who think they’re turtlesTEENS REACT TO WINDOWS 95.

Tell Me I’m Fat absolutely destroyed me. Where does the butt start?  Basically every episode of Call Your Girlfriend, in which two smart, successful women keep it real. Rose Buddies for all your Bachelor franchise needs. Doughboys is my newest podcast obsession.

We’re eating Trader Joe’s Sour Cream Poofs, Black Bean Taquitos, and really missing the Nintendo promotion at Yogurtland. (Joey says, “Nintendo games always hold up.”) The chicken tenders at Ralphs are amazing, and we haven’t been this excited about a single food item since the bread and butter at Brava. Still missing all my friends at the Dream Away.

I’m so used to writing about the people in my life that it’s especially touching when someone does the same. If you’re in New England and are in need of a writing retreat spot, I found this place on AirBnb and finished the first draft of my book. I also had my first lyric essay published.

Last but not least, Joey and I discovered the best dive bar in the world. Kate came out to LA for Now Hear This and sang karaoke with us there.




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