Women We Read This Week | Vela Magazine

Lindsay Lynch’s “Sad Books That Will Rip Your Soul to Pieces” on LitHub

Lindsay Lynch once inadvertently recommended her father read The Things They Carriedright before going into a pretty invasive surgery, and it broke her heart to see him all bandaged up in the hospital bed, book in hand. She now works at a bookstore, and feels conflicted about recommending books to people that she strongly suspects will make them cry. She has a spotty history of book recommendations, but I think she deeply understands the need for individuals to have a cathartic emotional experience with the book they’re reading. “We crave the emotional labor that comes with reading a book that is particularly difficult or sad. But what I also notice is the sense of camaraderie between readers that comes with a particularly trying text.” When she goes on to list a few titles that have moved her emotionally, I was thrilled when she mentioned books I’ve also shed tears to, including the fifth Harry Potter, Claire Vaye Watkins’ Battleborn, and Maggie Nelson’s Bluets…Read More at Vela Magazine.


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