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Recap of Debby Miller’s “The Secret Life of Prince” in Rolling Stone for Vela Magazine

Tributes and memorials for rock and roll legend Prince are still taking up plenty of space on the news cycle after his passing last week: celebrities retelling stories of their quirky interactions with him, fans recounting their favorite concerts and albums, journalists pondering over his impact on the music industry and his charitable giving. The man even had his own color.

Writer Anne Friedman included a link to Debby Miller’s 1983 Rolling Stone article in her column for New York Magazine’s The Cut, “The Queens of Nonfiction: 56 Women Journalists Everyone Should Read,” two weeks before we lost Prince. Reading Debby Miller’s account of what the world did and did not know about this 23-year-old chart topper is sprinkled with specific and detailed anecdotes: “[In 1982], when Prince won an award from a Minneapolis weekly newspaper for Minnesota Musician of the year, he showed up in his most formal clothes — black trench coat and white go-go boots (his acceptance speech: ‘When do they give the award for the best ass?’)”… Read More at Vela Magazine


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